I’m a photographer, scholar, writer, loving mom of a magical little muppetchild and a few crazy furbabies, and the proud partner of an absolutely awesome guy.

Simple pleasures bring me joy… a crackling fire, documenting life through my lens, dunking buttery toast in golden egg yolk, encounters with wildlife, everything autumnal, exploring the world, fragrant old books, heartfelt affection, journaling in reflective solitude, long walks, lounging in the garden with loved ones, meditating at the beach, music that moves me, my daughter’s mischievous smile, my partner’s sparkly eyes, natural light, nerdy video games, really good beer / bread / chai / coffee, relaxing in bed with my pets curled up beside me, sharing a laugh, singing while I cook, soulstirring conversation, sunwarmed fur, the wind rustling through trees.

My ultimate purpose is to cultivate connection with my authentic self and with the kaleidoscopic experiences of life by embracing and sharing compassion, gratitude, humor, and loving-kindness.

I am here to do what makes my soul sing.